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Technology User Agreement

Click here for a copy of the Technology User Agreement which outlines policies and procedures for internet usage, Chromebook care, and repair/replacement charges.

Technology Payment Plan

If a family needs a little extra time paying for the technology usage fee, or for a repair/replacement charge, WE UNDERSTAND.  All we ask is that you complete a Payment Plan form to let us know when we can expect your payments, and follow up with you at that time.  Click here for a copy of the form.

No Internet @ Home?

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Internet trouble:
Make sure you have authenticated.  Each time you log in using your account, your activity is filtered through the school's content filter.  So if a site isn't loading the way you thing it should, check to be sure that you have authenticated (this should be done daily). 

Do this by going to
Here, one of three things will happen.

1.  The page will not load.  This means you are having an actual connection problem and need to seek further assistance.

2.  The login page will come up and say "Authentication Required" with a box for username/password.  Here, you need to put in your login as you would log in to a computer (do not put after your user name).  After hitting LOGIN, it should tell you that you are authenticated (see #3).

3.  The page will come up and say that user _______ (your name) is authenticated until _______ (expiration date/time), and it will have a LOG OUT button at the bottom.  If you see this page--you are GOOD.  Since you are required to authenticate daily, your authentication will expire after 8 hours--this is for security. That's what this message is telling you.  If/when you see this message, you can go to the address bar and type in a new address, or close out of this window and go to a new one.

 If you have verified that you ARE authenticated and are still having login trouble, see the tech team member at your school.