Cole Byassee, Assistant Superintendent

Cole Byassee
Transportaion Director

Cole Byassee


Educational Career Began



Administrative Career Began




East Prairie High School Graduate

B.S. in Biology from Southeast Missouri State University

M.A. in Elementary Educational Administration from Southeast Missouri State University

M.A. in Secondary Educational Administration from Southeast Missouri State University 

Specialist in Educational Administration from Southeast Missouri State University



My Why:

I credit my career in education to a wonderful lady who has passed on, Mrs. Eva Hinshaw.  She was a good friend of our family and approached me with an opportunity to teach Junior High Science one summer.  I gave her every reason in the world why I should not do it, but she said she thought I would be a great fit.  I guess she saw something in me that I could not see in myself.  After all these years, it has been the best career decision I have ever made.  What she did for me is why I do this job every day.  I love seeing potential in one of my students that they themselves do not see and working with them to achieve great things.  Education is a key that can unlock so many doors.  Every student deserves the best education we can provide no matter their personal circumstances.   I always wanted a career where I could help people and really make a difference; education is the perfect fit!    

About Me:

I have been happily married to my beautiful wife Kristin since 1999.  We have 3 wonderful children; Adalyn, Rafe, and Pacey.  I am an active member at Elm Street Baptist Church where I am involved teaching 3/4 Grade Sunday School and working with our Youth Program.  In my free time I enjoy hunting, fishing, and watching my children in their various extracurricular activities.  


Central Office, 573-649-3564

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