Bus Routes

Bus #1 North Center Street, North Martin, North Street, Williams Street, Munger, Mitchell, Sycamore, Pine, North Lincoln, Alesia Drive, Cynthia, Lombardy.
Bus #2 Students from Doyle to Martin and high school, B Street, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Street, Eagle’s Landing, Helen, Tyler, Oak, North Street
Bus #3 South end of South Martin, Dove, Owl, Hawk, Falcon, CR 525, Spanish Grant, CR 530, BB Highway
Bus #4 West Washington, Brooks, Millar Road, CR 413, CR 416, Highway B, CR 436, CR 423, CR 535, Powers Subdivision, Highway 80 West
Bus #5 South Center, South Martin, Irene, Miller Avenue, Virginia, Cypress, Grand, Walnut Street, High Place, Shannon
Bus #7 East Main, Whiting, Highway 105 north, Big Book, CR 414, CR418, CR 420, CR 334, Highway 102
Bus #8 (Afternoon run only) North Lincoln, Pine, South Garfield, East Pine, Whiting, East Main, Oak, Tyler, Helen
Bus #9 (Afternoon run only) North end of Spanish Grant, North Center, Wilbur, North Street, East Washington
*If you are not sure which bus your student will ride, please contact the high school principal’s office,
649-3564, ext 111. These are tentative routes and are subject to change and based upon student need
and safety.